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The Viborg coach believes to have a good chance to win their group as they will come back with a stronger team in January.

Vestergaard's summary

After a 20-20 away draw against HC Leipzig, the Champions League winner Viborg HK remain in a good position in Group A. Coach Jakob Vestergaard was pretty satisfied with the result and also with the first part of the season as he talked to Looking back on your first four matches in the competition, how would you summarise your performance so far?

Jakob Vestergaard: As absolutely acceptable. Taking into consideration that our team came together so late, five points from the first four rounds are definitely okay. In these groups it is always crucial to take at least one away win and we took it against Byåsen already. So we are really in a good position now. The Champions League will take a break for almost two months now. How do see your chances when you come back in the New Year?

Jakob Vestergaard: I'm very optimistic. You will see a much better Viborg then. We have the home advantage at both our last group matches against Byåsen and Podravka. Just by winning one of them would probably be enough to reach the main round. But probably not enough for the first place...

Jakob Vestergaard: Obviously, and I'm pretty sure that our last group match against Podravka on 16 January will decide the first place. Nine points, which we can still reach, would be probably enough to win the group.

TEXT: Peter Bruun