Boson: We are not out of race yet!Article
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The Swedish star of Aalborg talks about the season of her team and about her future.

Boson: We are not out of race yet!

Aalborg are last in Group B of the Women´s Champions League with two point from four matches. Swedish international Matilda Boson is still convinced that they have a chance in the competition. spoke to the 27-year old left winger. With two away matches left what do you think about your chances now?

Matilda Boson: Well, just wait and see. I think Metz as well as Hypo are opponents we can defeat. Why do you think you can win away to Hypo after losing by six goals at home?

Matilda Boson: I think we could have reached a much better result at home and I think we can surprise them in Vienna. Of course it will be difficult. However, we are not out of the race yet! It is Aalborg´s thirds Champions League campaign – and you were there in the team each time. What is it like for you this time?

Matilda Boson: I think it is fantastic! Champions League is the absolute highest level in Europe and you meet the best players. It is always great fun. Your team improved in the Danish league recently. Is this a benefit of the Champions League matches?

Matilda Boson: Positive experiences will always improve a team, I think. The more matches you play together, the better you become as a team. Obviously, these things are connected. There were many changes in the team during your time at the club. What do you think of your current team?

Matilda Boson: Our team right now consists of an ideal mixture of young talents and “old girls”! I see a lot of potential in the squad, and I hope we can qualify for the play-offs here in Denmark. I also realise that we still have quite a lot of work ahead of us. Your own contract with Aalborg will expire at the end of this season. What is going to happen then?

Matilda Boson: I'm not quite sure yet. We have to wait. I would not rule out that you may find me in Aalborg next season...

TEXT: Peter Bruun