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Veszprém’s Bosnian star, Mirsad Terzic, will meet a Bosnian club as opponent for the first time ever.

All eyes on Terzic

The Hungarian champions prepare for a home game in Group B against Bosna Sarajevo. Though the visitors are on bottom of the group table, Mirsad Terzic warns that Bosna must always be taken seriously.

The Bosnian back player arrived in Veszprém before the season from Celje and had never played a European cup game against a Bosnian side.

Terzic taking aim“Though I have never played against a Bosnian team at an international level, I have no special feelings about it. This game will be as important as all the other matches. Of course I know their players and I have good relationship with them, but I must forget about that when we enter the court,” says Terzic about meeting the top club of his home country.

Terzic, who gathered huge CL experience with his former clubs, Izvidac Ljubuski, RK Zagreb and Celje, is satisfied with his decision to continue in Hungary.

“I enjoy playing for Veszprém; the team is good, the fans are fantastic and luckily injuries avoided me so far. We have been playing well in the Champions League, so I expect a victory on Saturday,” he added.

Though the expectations from Veszprém are always the same when the team plays on home court, Terzic knows that they will not get the victory for free:

“This game will not be ’relaxing’ – Bosna are strong opponents. They won only one game and lost three, but they lost at close games with the exception of the Löwen match. They had their chances until the last minutes in Velenje, also in Kielce. Two of our key players are injured, but we have to keep the two points at home. We need maximum concentration and fighting spirit for that,” Terzic concludes.

Actually, the two injuries are Marko Vujin and Ivan Lapcevic. The problem of Vujin will take longer time to heal as he suffered a cruciate ligament injury. Most probably he will be operated soon.

Lapcevic should be able to return to the team within weeks after muscle injuries in his chest and arm.


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