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KIF Kolding's Danish international talks about the tasks in the CL.

Spellerberg focuses on next two matches

KIF Kolding made a heroic draw against THW Kiel last weekend. The players could not decide between disappointment and joy back then. This weekend a different game is coming up in Leon.

The 30-year old Danish international left back, Bo Spellerberg, talks to Eurohandball.com.

Eurohandball.com: You took a point against Kiel last weekend. What will that be enough for?

Bo Spellerberg: It’s difficult to say as many things depend on our next two matches against Ademar. We also have an away game against Zürich, which will also be very important

Eurohandball.com: What are you expectations from the game in Spain this weekend?

Bo Spellerberg: It will be a tough challenge, no doubt. We will meet an opponent which is particularly strong at home.

Eurohandball.com: Is that correct that the Kiel game was your team’s best performance this season?

Bo Spellerberg: When it comes to the result, it definitely was. However, there were other matches when we played just as well.

Eurohandball.com: Your contract with Kolding will expire at the end of the season. What will happen then?

Bo Spellerberg: I don’t know yet. I’m in continuous dialogue with Kolding, but right now we are playing so many matches that there is really no time to negotiate. We will get round to that when we have some more time. Then we will see what happens.

TEXT: Peter Bruun