Torstensson: It is in our own hands now!Article
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Aalborg's Swedish star believes in reaching the Main Round.

Torstensson: It is in our own hands now!

Happiness and relief could be felt last weekend in Aalborg as the Danish team won their first CL game this season. The Danish club is in the Champions League for the third time and so far they always made it to the quarter-finals at least. No wonder they are hoping for similar success this season.

Swedish international Linnea Torstensson, the 27-year old left back, arrived from Swedish Skövde HF a season ago. She is very optimistic as she talks to What was decisive at your first victory this season?

Linnea Torstensson: First of all, our defence worked very well. Also, we converted almost all our opportunities in the first half. In the second half we were leading clearly so it didn't matter missing a few chances. Was this your best performance so far this season?

Linnea Torstensson: I think so. For great parts of the match, our attacking game was flowing better than ever. Following a poor start in the Danish league you are on a winning track now. Does it give you confidence for the Champions League?

Linnea Torstensson: Absolutely! Even though the national league and the Champions League are two different competitions, it is hard to play well in the Champions League when you come directly from a defeat in the domestic league. You have two points from the first three matches. What about your chances now?

Linnea Torstensson: I think it is all in our own hands now, and I think we have a great chance to go on to the next group stage. For that you must win at home against Krim on Sunday...

Linnea Torstensson: Home court is home court, you know... When we play in the Gigantium Arena of Aalborg, it is always as if playing with eight players thanks to our fantastic supporters. I think we have a great chance to beat Krim.

Low ticket prices

In order to make sure that the Aalborg fans will really be the additional player of the team, the club decided to reduced ticket prices for the Krim match.

The management of the club would like to increase the fan base after 1,619 people attended their latest home match.

“We have reduced the prices considerably for our last home match against Krim. Children can attend the match free of charge. I hope we can attract over 3,000 spectators,” club owner and managing director of Aalborg DH, Jan Hansen, told Danish media.

At the Metz game, a family including two parents and two kids had to pay €70 for the game. For the match against Krim, the same family will only have to pay €22.

TEXT: Peter Bruun