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The Kiel right back wants to finish first in the group.

Kim Andersson disappointed

There was general disappointment in THW Kiel after the 31-31 draw away against KIF Kolding in Group D on Saturday. The disappointment was not so much the result, but KielĀ“s own performance .

Swedish international Kim Andersson shared his thoughts about it. What was your reaction to losing a point in Kolding?

Kim Andersson: Well, we were absolutely not satisfied with ourselves. We were hoping to bring both points home. However, Kolding turned out to be an extremely strong opponent and we did not play as usual. We will have to bite the apple and work harder to get back in top form. What was not functioning well?

Kim Andersson: You have to remember that many of us were away with their national teams just less than a week before the match. Also, we had a Bundesliga match days before. At the moment we spend a lot of time travelling to away matches, which are very close after each other, so it may take time to play as we did before the break. Losing a point is not the end of the world... Was this a point you could actually afford to lose?

Kim Andersson: You can never afford to lose any point at this level if you want to be a top team. However, an away game against Kolding is not easy for any team and we still have three home matches and three away games left. Nothing is decided yet. We definitely aim to take the top spot of the group. Four teams are going on from the group. How important would be the first place?

Kim Andersson: Due to the current Champions League system, the first place is crucial when you think about the possible opponents in the Last 16. That just makes it even more disappointed that we did not play better Kolding and lost a point.

TEXT: Peter Bruun