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The Croatian international is confident before the match in Aalborg.

Ambitious Franić

In May Franić was still player of Podravka Vegeta, in August she played for Krim Mercator and already in October she arrived in Metz. Changing three clubs, three countries and three languages in just five months might be a tough challenge. But not for Kristina Franić...

The 22-year old adapted perfectly to Metz, bringing fighting spirit to the team of Bertrand François.

Franic is satisfied with playing for Metz“There is no secret. Metz have many young players and we form a good team. Most of the players are also French internationals. Since Croatia played the WCh qualifications against France, I had the opportunity to see them all and play against them. It helped me a lot," Franić said. 

Franić is not only satisfied with her team-mates, but also with the coach. It seems that François found the perfect position for the Croatian:

“Handball is handball everywhere; you just need to follow instructions of the coach. I have to say that I'm very satisfied with my playing position here, which is left back. It suits me perfectly and for now I'm doing well.“

After the point taken in Südstadt, Metz will travel to Aalborg. The third round match is “to be or not to be“ for the home team standing without a point so far. Franić plans to complicate the life of Aalborg coach Björn Blomquist:

“I hope we will play a good match in Aalborg and take two points. We are better team, but of course we must prove it on the court. I'm convinced we can do it.“

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš