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Björn Blomquist remains optimistic after two defeats.

Optimistic Aalborg coach

Björn Blomquist, Swedish head coach of Aalborg DH, did not lose his optimism after a bad start in the CL. Metz are coming up on Sunday and the coach wants his team to play without fear.

Eurohandbal.com: You lost your first two matches clearly. What do you expect now?

Björn Blomquist: I never said that it would be easy take the first or second place in the group. However, with the performance we showed in Slovenia, we could have good chances in the Danish league as well as in the Champions League. So nothing is impossible.

Eurohandball.com: You will meet Krim again at home. A victory against them would be badly needed for you.

Björn Blomquist: Absolutely. I’m not particularly impressed by Krim; I’m more impressed by my own team and the attitude the players showed in Ljubljana.

Eurohandball.com: Your next task will be Metz at home. You need a victory to stay in competition…

Björn Blomquist: Metz are difficult to judge. They lost at home to Krim but made a draw against Hypo Niederösterreich. However, if my players can perform as in Ljubljana, I do not fear Metz either.

TEXT: Peter Bruun