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Laima Bernataviciute will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the EHF Cup.


Suspension of Laima Bernataviciute (Alcoa FKC/ HUN) for one match of EHF club competitions.

Vienna, 05 November 2009 - The EHF Body of 1st Instance has dealt with the case of Laima Bernataviciute (Alcoa FKC/ HUN). 

The body was called together following the direct disqualification of Laima Bernataviciute in the last seconds (59:58) of the Women's EHF Cup first leg match between Alcoa FKC/ HUN and SPR Lublin SSA/ POL, for an action of serious unsportsmanlike conduct. The game was played in Round 3 of the Women's EHF Cup on 31 October 2009.

As a result, Bernataviciute has been suspended for one match of an EHF club competition, which means that she will not be eligible to play the second leg (SPR Lublin SSA vs Alcoa FKC on 8 November 2009).