Metz take a point from SüdstadtArticle
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Metz take a point from Südstadt

With excellent defence play and many fastbreaks, Metz took one point from Vienna. The guests could have won the game, but just four seconds before the end, but Hypo coach Gunnar Prokop stepped on the court to stop a decisive fastbreak of left winger Ognjenović.

Franić scored the first goal of Metz (0:1) and gave a signal that the French team did not come to Austria as tourists. Surprisingly, in the first 15 minutes Hypo managed to score only four goals, while the French team scored five, keeping the lead - 4:5.

Consecutive saves by Sanko gave push to home team. Piedade, Nascimento, Limal and Kirschner scored for 8:5. Metz did not surrender and after great fight, experienced Wendling scored last goal in first half for 11:10.

In first half Sanko had 12 saves and she was the reason why Hypo had the lead despite better play of Metz.

Metz hurricane

At the beginning of the second half Hypo couldn't break through the French defence. With efficient fastbreaks by Ayglon, Metz scored three consecutive goals, taking margin of one goal - 12:13. After an excellent pass of Franić, Wendling scored for 12:14 – this was the biggest French lead in the game. However, the home team managed to equalize and suspense continued.

After 20:20, Nascimento took responsibility. With three consecutive goals she gave a desperately needed push to Hypo to make it 23:20. A beautiful goal by Franić made it 25:23 and gave the Metz hopes back.

Decisive Prokop intervention

Metz right winger Piejos was the hero of Metz who scored two consecutive goals and equalised with 30 seconds from the end (27:27).

Hypo had the ball, but they could not even shot on goal from their last attack. Metz goalkeeper picked up the lost ball and launched left winger Svetlana Ognjenović on a fastbreak. With approximately five seconds to the end, Hypo coach Gunnar Prokop entered the court and stopped Ognjenović with a foul. He received direct red card for that.

The game was restarted with four seconds to go and Franic could only hit the crossbar from the final shot.

The best scorers of the match were Piedade and Nascimento with 9 goals. Ayglon scored 6 for Metz. Both goalkeepers, Sanko and Leynaud showed impressive performances.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš