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Spanish national player, Begoña Fernandez, believes that Itxako were equal to Oltchim.

Itxako ready for top level

Itxako started their Champions League season with a good performance. However, it was not enough to beat Oltchim at home, but they played a very close game. The team from Estella were exposed to a very high level. They feel that it is possible to catch up with the opponents. Spanish national player, Begoña Fernandez, was optimistic after the first round. How do you feel after the first game in the Champions League?

Begoña Fernandez: I’m sad because we lost the game. However, we have shown that we are at a very high level and we can face any rival in the competition. We have a very good team and last season we have beaten Brasov, a very similar team to Oltchim. Then we played in a better form and now it is still the beginning of the season. It was hard for us. Do you think your performance can still be better?

Begoña Fernandez: Of course and we have to keep on working to improve. We have to fight for our objectives and try to do better every day. Do you think Oltchim took advantage of your mistakes?

Begoña Fernandez: I think it was key to the game. We spoke about it at halftime. We had our chances to win the match, but they have more experience in this competition and it is very important at the decisive moments. We probably felt the pressure in the last minutes. Two great pivots were facing each other, Stanca and you. What do you think about her?

Begoña Fernandez: She is a great player, in my opinion one of the best pivots of Europe. Comparing me to Stanca is not important now. I’m very sad for the defeat because we could even have won the game and the result was not just. Oltchim are great team, but we made many mistakes ourselves.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni