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Just before the start, talked to the owner of the club and managing director Jan Hansen.

CL fever in Aalborg

There are great expectations from Aalborg as they return to the Women´s Champions League. It is the third time for the team to represent Denmark´s third largest city in the women's top competition. On their two previous attempts they reached a semi-final and a quarterfinal.

Just before the start, talked to the owner of the club and managing director Jan Hansen.

The good old times: Aalborg success in the What does it mean for Aalborg to be back in the CL?

Jan Hansen: A lot for our experienced players as well as for our many young players who will face new challenges at an early stage of their careers. Financially speaking, we should probably reach the Final in order to make money. You have been working as managing director for a year now. What is this like for you?

Jan Hansen: It is really not somethink I think a lot about in my daily life. I focus on working for the club together with the few employees in our administration. My heart beats for the club! As you said, you have rather few people in the administration. How do you handle such a task as the Champions League participation which has certain demands?

Jan Hansen: Fortunately, a lot of people help us on a voluntary basis, so that is really not a big problem. I was also part of the administration the last time we were in the Champions League, so I have some experience. You were forced to negotiate wage cuts with the players as well as with the rest of the staff. How did you feel about it?

Jan Hansen: It was a very tough thing. However, in the administration we promised each other to be completely honest about everything - internally as well as externally. This honesty helped us a lot through the process. So far this season you had a considerably lower number of spectators than previous seasons. What can be the reason?

Jan Hansen: We are still at an early point of the season, and the weather has been good many of the days, where we have been playing at home. I still believe that the attendances will increase in the coming months, and obviously I also expect our participation in the Champions League to help boost the interest of the people in Aalborg! Last weekend your team got its first win of the season in the Danish league – 34-30 away against ruling Champions League winners Viborg HK. What has that result meant to the spirit in the team and in the club in general?

Jan Hansen: It has meant a lot! Of course I have received a lot of comments for having loaned out Johanna Ahlm to exactly Viborg, and there is no doubt that if we had failed to qualify for the Champions League and also lost in Viborg, I would have been blamed a lot for letting her go! So that win was a great triumph, in every respect – and besides, if we can win in Viborg, why should we not be able to beat Hypo Niederösterreich in our first Champions League match!

Anyway, I expect the Champions League this season to be more equal, than we have seen for many years. The international crisis had the effect that many players moved to new clubs and I'm sure this will be seen on the Champions League too.

TEXT: Peter Bruun