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The Swedish coach of Kolding expects good atmosphere against Zürich on Saturday.

Linnell's happy debut

Although he is only 55 now, the former Swedish national coach Ingemar Linnell has tremendous experience and a long career on the bench. Nevertheless, Linnell made his debut in the CL only on Saturday with KIF Kolding.

The debut was successful in Skopje. “I am too to be nervous about it,” he said after winning the game by 32-25.

Goalkeeper Erevik played a key role in What was the difference on Saturday between the teams?

Ingemar Linnell: We resisted in defence very well for the 60 minutes. We were clever in attack too, so we could increase the distance during the game. Was it a relief for you to get such as clear win on a difficult away court?

Ingemar Linnell: Of course, it was wonderful start and now I hope that we can follow this way. We will meet Amicitia Zürich at home on Saturday and I hope we will have a great atmosphere for that match. You made use of Mateo Garralda in Skopje, while he was banned from the Danish league for four games. What did he mean for the team?

Ingemar Linnell: His international experience means a lot for us. I think he contributed quite a lot to the victory. Do you think Vardar will play a decisive role in the group?

Ingemar Linnell: Well they took this game really seriously as they expected to take third place – probably after Kiel and Barcelona. This defeat will definitely put them under pressure and this may make them dangerous for other teams.

TEXT: Peter Bruun