Bille and Aalborg return to CLArticle
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The Danes will gain confidence from the successful qualification, says Aalborg's Kristina Bille.

Bille and Aalborg return to CL

Aalborg are back in the Women’s Champions League after two years of absence. Right winger Kristina Bille is really looking forward to meeting the elite. How could you win in such a convincing manner at the Qualification Tournament?

Kristina Bille: First of all, we were better than our opponents. We really wanted this – we fought with our hearts after a lot of hardship in the Danish league. We managed to put trouble aside and focus on these new opponents and that meant a lot too. You mentioned hardships. You only have one point after five matches at home. Can the success at the Champions League qualifiers give you confidence for the national league?

Kristina Bille: I hope and think so. This weekend we proved that strong will can take us far. You are in the Champions League now for the third time. What does it mean to your team?

Kristina Bille: It means a lot as it is the greatest tournament in handball. Last season we did not manage to qualify for European competitions, so it makes it even sweeter now. We have a number of young players who never tried this before and they will learn from this challenge. You played in the CL with Viborg as well with Aalborg in the past.

Kristina Bille: It is great to have a lot of matches against other opponents than the ones you meet at home. You also get the chance to play different kind of handball as many of the teams play in much different way than the Danes. You will have a tough schedule. You will play the quarterfinal of the Danish Cup in Kolding and then you are in desperate need of points in the Danish league. And now on top of all, Champions League is coming up too...

Kristina Bille: I believe we have enough players for that. I think we have seen – this weekend in particular – that we have young players who can contribute to the team. That will be extremely important. Hypo, Krim and Metz are waiting for you. How do you see the chances?

Kristina Bille: I think it is hard to say anything about chances now. We have not yet seen our opponents. We are looking forward to analyse them with the objective to advance from the group.

TEXT: Peter Bruun