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The Byasen coach is proud to be back in the Champions League.

Oustorp: CL means a lot!

Byåsen is back in the Women´s CL. After three clear wins in Poland, head coach of the Trondheim-based team - former top player - Geir Oustorp talks to Eurohandball.com.

Eurohandball.com: What was the reason for you team´s convincing group win – even on away ground?

Geir Oustorp. The simple fact that we played very well at both ends of the court in all our three matches – and that we were extremely focused and dedicated all the way!

Eurohandball.com: Not only did you qualify for the group stage – you even qualified with three clear wins. Was the group easier than you anticipated?

Geir Oustorp: Yes, I have to say it was. We were a little sceptical in advance, not least regarding Brasov, whom we had a lot of respect for, but as it turned out, we did not have much to fear from.

Eurohandball.com: What does it mean for Byåsen as a club and for the city of Trondheim to qualify for the Champions League?

Geir Oustorp: It means a lot. We have known for quite some time that we have a good team, but now we have got it confirmed that we belong among the 16 best teams in Europe!

Eurohandball.com: Now you can look ahead at a group with Viborg, Leipzig and Podravka as your opponents. How do you see your chances in that group?

Geir Oustorp: It is going to be very tough, no doubt about that. We know how strong Viborg are. Leipzig is a German top team – maybe not with so many real star players, but with a lot of timing and accuracy in their game. We also know that Podravka are always hard to play – especially away.

Eurohandball.com: Do you expect to go on from that group?

Geir Oustorp: Our first goal was simply to qualify for the Champions League group stage. Now that we have accomplished this, we will have to take a closer look at our coming opponents before setting any new goal, and at the moment I do not have much detailed information about the other teams in our group. However, we are fortunate to have all our three home matches before Christmas, so at that time we may know a bit more about our chances!

TEXT: Peter Bruun