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The Danes have to qualify for the CL on home court. Coach Blomquist talks about it.

Pressure on Aalborg

Aalborg DH have big expectations before the Champions League Qualification this weekend. Spanish Parc Sagunt, Greek champion Patras and Turkish champion Piyango visit Denmark.

Swedish head coach, Björn Blomquist talks about the tasks ahead. You did not start the Danish league well. What does it mean for your chances in the Champions League?

Björn Blomquist: Well, fortunately the points in the Danish league have nothing to do with the Champions League! However, the way we played in our latest match, will give us some confidence for the CL qualifiers! How do you see your team´s chances in the group?

Björn Blomquist: I know that Sagunt lost some players, but also got some new. Patras are probably aslightly better team than people tend to believe, and I’m sure that our matches against those teams will be very tense. I simply hope we can improve and keep cool blood. Sagunt may be the strongest rivals in the group. Do you agree?

Björn Blomquist: Well, I’m not so sure… Of course, you should be careful to judge based on training tournaments, but anyway Sagunt seem to be missing important players from their previous team. Actually, our most difficult opponents may be ourselves… Do you mean because of the pressure of playing at home?

Björn Blomquist: Of course it means a certain pressure, but it is not just that. It is also a great advantage and a chance to show our spectators what we can do. I think we have a really good chance to qualify.

TEXT: Peter Bruun