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Jovana Jovović talks to Eurohandball about the success of Sassari and the preparations for the qualifications in Lublin.

Anything can happen

Italian Champions achieved their best result in the CL so far. For the first time in the club's history, Sassari advanced to the next round of the CL qualifications.

The 21-year old back player arrived in Sassari at the beginning of the season from Budućnost T-Mobile. She scored 12 goals in two CL qualifications matches. Last weekend Jovović won Italian Supercup with her team. You came from Budućnost T-Mobile at the beginning of the season.

Jovana Jovović: Yes, I arrived from one of the greatest clubs in Europe to a totally new environment and I can say many nice things about Sassari. I was surprised by the good work here. During the preparations we had two trainings per day. We are working hard and results show it. Sassari defeated Vrnjačka Banja and lost from home team Brühl. How did you see the tournament in St. Gallen?

Jovana Jovović: This was great experience for our team. I am sorry we didn't defeat Brühl too, because we were very close to do it. These were first two matches for us in this season. Considering the fact we even didn’t have a one single friendly match before CL qualifications, we did really good. Your team will take part in QT2 . New goals?

Jovana Jovović: Byasen, Brasov and Lublin are much stronger opponents then we had in St. Gallen. We will travel to Lublin without any pressure with plan to play as best we can - despite the strength of our opponents. Anything can happen, so we will fight; for sure we will not put up a white flag. You play on all three back positions, with both hands. It seems you’re like dream come true for every coach. How did you adapt in your new team?

Jovana Jovović: At this point I am satisfied because coach gives me lot of time on court. Italian handball is improving, they work hard on fast pace. I hope we will continue working hard to achieve better results in future..

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš