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After recent problems in Podravka Vegeta, Eurohandball.com talks to Clubs Manager Marijan Domović.

Podravka: focus on younger players

The manager of the Croatian top club Podravka Vegeta, Marijan Domović, explained the difficult situation of his club once again.

“The consequences of the recession and the general crisis, unfortunately, did not spare RK Podravka Vegeta. Therefore we were forced to take radical saving measures. In order to do so we had to offer some players the choice to terminate their contract and other players new contracts with reduced salaries. Players accepted and signed them," Domović said.

"I want to emphasize that the players who agreed to terminate their contracts did not do so because they were foreigners, but because they had contracts we were unfortunately not unable to pay any more.“
The Croatian champions had excellent results at the preparations tournaments. The new team showed much more then expected:

“It is evident that we will be much weaker this season without five experienced internationals. But we believe that the players who stayed at the club are all high quality handballers. Many of them are playing for the Croatian national team and we will continue having quality and a respectable team. Good thing is that our younger talented players will get more space to show what they are able to do.“
This season Podravka Vegeta will go for the defence of three titles, WRHL, Croatian league and Croatian Cup. Last season they reached the best eight teams of the CL. The current situation affected expectations as well:

“European ambitions this year are significantly smaller, but we have not and will not put a white flag up. Strong WRHL matches will be perfect to prepare for the Champions League. It is certain that we will give our best every game to achieve the best possible results,“ said Domović.

Tatari injured

Podravka started well by defeating their biggest WRHL rival Budućnost by 32:30. Penezić scored 7 goals; Kožnjak, Tatari and Pasičnik 5 goals each.

Bad news after the match was the injury of Miranda Tatari. The middle back suffered a crusciate ligament injury and will be out for a month.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš