Barbosa: “Big plans for the future”Article
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Portuguese star, Alexandrina Barbosa, talks about the secret weapon of Brasov.

Barbosa: “Big plans for the future”

The Portuguese star talks about the secret weapon of Brasov at the upcoming CL qualification and about her own future. Despite the difficulties of the club, she is enthusiastic about the start of the new CL seson.

The 23-year old is an invaluable member of the Brasov team. Last season Barbosa scored 56 goals in the EHF Cup.

Lot of players from the last season left Brasov, but Barbosa is not discouraged. She believes in her team:

“This season Brasov have a much younger team. It clearly would have been much better to keep the team from last year and bring some reinforcements. Anyway, I'm convinced that my team will fight 100%. We will compensate the lack of experience with our fighting spirit.“

Brasov will play Group 1 of QT2 in Lublin against Byasen, Sassari and home-team:

“Byasen and Lublin are favourites and they have obligation to pass. On the other side we don't have any pressure, don't have nothing to loose and that is our secret weapon.“

There were many rumours about the Portuguese international going to Hypo or Viborg...Some of the rumours could very easily become reality soon:

“I would love to stay in Brasov because we have great fans here and the city is beautiful. But the big problem here is that players receive promises instead of salary, month after month. I also asked for the termination of my contract and I hope that legal matters will be over very soon and I will be free to go.“

Before coming to Brasov, Barbosa played for Madeira and Sagunto. It seems time has come for a new destination:

“I have big plans for the future. This experience of last few years helped me to grow as an athlete and as a person. I got to know Romania and I was awarded best player of Romanian championship. This is great motivation for me to continue working hard.“

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš