Iker Romero: “The time for titles”Article
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The Barcelona star is optimistic about the upcoming season.

Iker Romero: “The time for titles”

The Spanish international, Iker Romero, will confront the new season with enormous motivation. The star of FC Barcelona signed important players and he will also have more help taking the team back on top.

The objectives of Barça are every year the same: winning the most prestigious titles.

The pre-season was almost perfect for the Pascual team. No defeats and very strong performances at every game. The plans of Barcelona seem to be realistic.

“We have to keep winning. The time has come to win titles finally. We have a great atmosphere in the team. The new players adapted very well to us,” Romero said.

The Catalonians started the new season with a great success. After many years of supremacy, Barcelona paid some dept back to Ciudad Real by taking the Spanish Super Cup. The atmosphere in the team is rightly positive…

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni