Damir Bičanić: “Primary goal reached“Article
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The young Croatian star of Ademar talks to Eurohandball.com after qualifying for the CL and preparing for Group D.

Damir Bičanić: “Primary goal reached“

The 24-year old was not satisfied at the beginning of the qualification tournament, but his team showed character at the end:

“We reached our primary goal and qualified for the CL. Although it was much harder than we expected. In the fist two matches we were nervous, but at the last match against Lemgo we showed how good we are. I think we deserved a place in the CL.”

It is not surprise that the atmosphere in the Spanish team is excellent:

“Team spirit is high because we showed everybody and ourselves that we can do big things this season. After all we defeated Lemgo by 10 goals…”

Ademar will play Group D. The Croatian back is very careful with predictions:

“Group D is the strongest group this season. Kiel and Barcelona are clear favourites and we will fight for the third position with Vardar, Kolding and Zürich. This will not be easy because they are all good teams.”

Bicanic will continue to train hard:

“My goal is to further improve, play better every day and help my team achieve better results this season. And my biggest wish is to play for the Croatian national team at the upcoming EURO in Austria.”

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš