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After victories against the Portuguese and Slovak champions, the team of Bogdan Wenta qualified for the CL.

Kielce back in the elite

The Polish city of Kielce hosted Group 4 of CL qualifications. The home team had tremendous support from their fans at both matches.

Podsiadło & Jurasik

The team of coach Wenta in the CLIn the first match, team of Bogdan Wenta easily defeated Porto/Vitalis with 32:23. Kielce took 5:3 lead already in the beginning and margin kept increasing. Final result was 32:23.

Podsiadlo and Jurasik scored five goals each.

Satisfied after important victory, Polish side knew that next rival will be even more dangerous.

At the beginning of the match against Slovak Champions, Kielce took 6:2 lead, but Tatran equalised at 6:6. In the end of first half Kielce again took significant lead thanks to Podsiadło and Jurasik. It were decisive moments of the match, since Kielce ended first half with six goals of margin – 21:15. In second half Polish side continued with good play and concluded the match with final result 38:31.

Podsiadło and Jurasik scored 8 goals each for home team.

Coach Bogdan Wenta was impressed by the fans:

“The atmosphere was great and our fans gave additional motivation to the players.“

Growing ambitions

President of the club Bertus Servaas was also happy, emphasising his satisfaction with work of Bogdan Wenta:

“Compliments to our coach, who prepared the team well! Now there is nothing to lose, we will try to win every game we play. I think that if we fight like we did today with help of our fantastic fans, we will always take the points.”

Kielce goes to group B to join Vezsprem, Gorenje, Chambery, Löwen and Bosna.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš