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The Croatian Champions won the first edition of Handball Cup Poreč.

Zagreb prepare

After tournaments in Germany against Bundesliga teams, Zagreb Croatia osiguranje played an international tournament in the beautiful Croatian city on the Adriatic coast, Poreč.

Although it was the first edition of the tournament, the attendance was above expectations. The final match was broadcast on Croatian television live.

Zagreb managed to defeat Metalurg and Koper, and to draw against Gummersbach. It means that the team of Senjanin Maglajlija and Mirko Bašić won the Poreč trophy. Cimos Koper are second, Gummersbach third and Metalurg fourth.

Ivano Balić (Zagreb Croatia osiguranje) was MVP, Darko Stanić (Cimos Koper) received award as best goalkeeper and best scorer was Kiril Lazarov with 18 goals scored from three matches played.

Match results:

RK Cimos Koper – RK Metalurg 28:26 (12:9)
RK.C.O. Zagreb – VfL Gummersbach 26:26 (12:15)
VfL Gummersbach - RK Cimos Koper 29:34 (14:15)
RK Metalurg - RK.C.O. Zagreb 14:32 (5:18)
RK Metalurg – VfL Gummersbach 20:25 ( 9:12)
RK.C.O. Zagreb - RK Cimos Koper 32:23 (14:11)

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš