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The Catalonians visited Denmark for a training camp.

Barcelona: Tour de Denmark

The week-long training camp involved three test matches against Danish league teams. The first of these warm-up games was against Skjern Håndbold. This ended with a 34-28 Barcelona victory in front of 2,000 spectators in the Skjern Bank Arena. The match was practically decided in the first half already when Barcelona were leading 19-11.

Hansen: on home courtThe second match – played in Odense in front of 1,800 people – was particularly interesting. The opponent, KIF Kolding, was drawn into the same Champions Leauge group and they will play for points soon.

Based on the test match, Barcelona will have some psychological advantage there as the Spanish top team won 31-27 after leading 16-12 at half-time. However, Kolding came close in the second half, when Barcelona´s new star, Siarhei Rutenka played a particularly important role in the Spanish attack.

The next meeting will be in Palau Blaugrana in mid October.

In the footsteps of Hamlet

Barcelona have also beaten Team Nordsjælland Håndbold by 35-24 in front of 2,300 fans in Prince Hamlet´s old town, Elsinore. In fact, the town is not only famous for Hamlet, the Barca playmaker, Joachim Boldsen, was also born there…

“We had good trainings and played some fine matches, so things look really good. We have four new players, and they must fit in the team. So far so good,” Barcelona´s Danish star, Mikkel Hansen said.

TEXT: Peter Bruun