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With three clear victories Hypo Noe win their first tournament of the season.

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Successful coach debut of Prokop

With three clear victories team of Gunnar Prokop wins their first tournament of the season.

Németh (left) and Prokop met againThe first match saw a confrontation between two handball experts who worked together last season – Gunnar Prokop and András Németh – now coaching Hypo and Vác.

The most exciting match was played on the last day of the tournament. Hypo managed to win against Podravka in a very exciting match. The Austrians had a 28:22 lead but the Croatians managed to equalise in the last minute at 30:30. At the end Hypo scored for the final victory.

The best scorer of the tournament was Alexandra do Nacimento (Hypo) with 33 goals scored from three matches played. Ivana Jelčić (Podravka Vegeta) was the best goalkeeper and Oh Seong Ok (Hypo) was elected as best player.


Váci NKSE - Hypo NÖ 28:33 (14:18)
HK Slovan Duslo Šala – Podravka Vegeta 29:36 (16:20)
Váci NKSE – Podravka Vegeta 26:32 (15:19)
Hypo NÖ - HK Slovan Duslo Šala 32:27 (19:12)
Podravka Vegeta – Hypo NÖ 30:31 (17:18)
Váci NKSE - HK Slovan Duslo Šala 35:33 (21:16)

Final ranking:

1. Hypo
2. Podravka Vegeta
3. Váci NKSE
4. HK Slovan Duslo Šala

Busy schedule

Next weekend Hypo will take part in tournament at Dabas, Hungary. On 19th of August at 17hrs, the Austrian champion will welcome Bratislava (champion of Slovakia and CL qualifications participants) in Vienna. This will be an opportunity for all Hypo fans to see their team on home court for the first time this season.

Later, the team of Gunnar Prokop will travel to tournaments in Debrecen, Bad Urach and Ljubljana.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš