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The Women’s CL top scorer, Grit Jurack, talks to before visiting Vienna for the Champions’ Draw.

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Champions’ Draw special guest: Grit Jurack

The Champions’ Draw coming up on 24 June will be a special high-profile event in European handball. Not only the EHF EURO 2010 and the EHF Champions League draws will be carried out in front of invited guests, the most prolific players of the last CL season will also be awarded.

Jurack in the CL Final The top scorer of the women’s competition was the German player of the winner Viborg HK, Grit Jurack. talks to Jurack, who will be a special guest of the Champions’ Draw in Vienna. Players are never completely satisfied. Nevertheless, this was a perfect year for Viborg...

Grit Jurack: Of course we are satisfied. We took the Champions League title and we were also the first ever Danish team to win a “triple”, Champions League, Danish League and Danish Cup in one season. Did you expect so much before the season?

Grit Jurack: We could never take anything for granted, especially when we think about the preceding year. The Champions League has started very well for us, but when Bojana Popovic was injured, we obviously had doubts.

It is not easy to lose such a fundamental part of the team, but we compensated well, especially with Katrin Lunde in our goal… What did this injury mean for you?

Grit Jurack: It is much easier for me when she is there in the left back position because the focus of the opponents is shared. After this the defenders took better care of me. However, Skov and Kristine Lunde played in great form throughout the rest of the season.

The dramatic moment of the season: Jurack carryies the injured Popovic You were top scorer at World Championship before, but never in the Champions League. What does this recognition mean for you?

Grit Jurack: It’s nice, of course. It’s a good feeling, but only because we also won the Champions League. The two together are really valuable. In fact, you really won everything you possibly can in this competition. Will you have enough motivation for next season?

Grit Jurack: The CL title is difficult to conquer, but even more difficult to retain. Every team will try to beat us, so this will ensure enough motivation for our team. You have been part of the Champions League since 1998. Has it changed?

Grit Jurack: The quality has been constantly high. What changes are the teams fighting for the title. Krim used to be a top team before, now we met Győr in the Final… What are your plans for next season?

Grit Jurack: Next season? I would not think so much ahead. We still have trainings in Viborg and we will go on holiday the next four weeks. I will try not to think about handball at all. I will do some sports, of course, go to the nature, but I will try to switch off and come back refreshed.

The season ended with a celebration for Apparently, you are already working inside handball, not only playing. How come that you joined the marketing department of Viborg?

Grit Jurack: I studied sports economics at the University of Leipzig. I did not only want to play, I also wanted to get good education. So here in Viborg I work 20 hours a week for the marketing department. Long term plans in handball?

Grit Jurack: Handballers would not believe how many elements belong to this sport. The clubs have responsibility towards their sponsors and towards their fans. It’s good to know the other side.

I would like to stay work in handball, but not necessarily as a coach. Maybe I would work on the marketing side, perhaps for EHF, which must be a pleasant place to work…