Hombrados believes in the titleArticle
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The Croatian Metlicic also has faith in the final victory.

Hombrados believes in the title

The captain of Ciudad wants to lift the trophy on Sunday. The experienced and highly successful goalkeeper, Jose Javier Hombrados, is confident that his team can cope with the difficult task and level the fixture against THW Kiel.

Ciudad facing a difficult taskHombrados, who won the prestigious title for three clubs before (Teka, Portland and Ciudad) knows what he is talking about:

“I have faith in getting the title. We have been in difficult situations earlier, but we always showed that we are able to overcome. We came back from disadvantages against great teams such as Portland, Barcelona or Kiel”.

This would be a more difficult victory than a year ago. The biggest advantage is that this second leg will be played in Spain.

“It was an almost impossible mission last season but we made it. We are an experienced side and we have lived difficult situations in the past. I’m sure that we will give our best. We will play at home and the fans will help us a lot”.

Metlicic knows the recipe

The Croatian right back of Ciudada, Petar Metlicic, shares the feelings of Hombrados.

“We must learn from our mistakes. At the same time, the team knows that nothing is impossible. It is important to take control of the game and make our opponents nervous. We have to stop their fast breaks and avoid receiving easy goals”.

The Croatian national player counts on the fans in the Quijote Arena.

“Our fans will create a tense atmosphere and we must do our job on the court”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni