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Coach of CL runner-up Győr, Csaba Konkoly, talks about the season behind his team.

Positive experience

At the conclusion of the Champions League season, the coach of the runner-up Győri AUDI ETO KC, Csaba Konkoly talks about the season behind them.

Eurohandball.com: You had to face many difficulties during the season starting with the pregnancy of Bradeanu, than Görbicz fell out for weeks... Did you think you could make it to the Final?

Csaba Konkoly: We did not have much time to contemplate about it and anyway we always want to get as far as possible. We never think too much about who cannot play for us. Loosing Bradeanu was a surprise to us. In addition, we did not handle the heart problems of Görbicz appropriately at the beginning. We thought she is like the cat, always falls on her feet. It has turned into a serious matter when we realised, the problem was with an internal organ...

Eurohandball.com: How much progress did the team make this season in your view?

Csaba Konkoly: At the semi-final against Hypo we changed to a system which demands the application of new tactical elements. You need to advance based on two games in the knock out system and also you need to win the trophy based on two games. If we think about the Zvezda game last season, we can see what a big achievement it was to beat a similarly prestigious team, Hypo. This shows progress for the team. The communication between the defence and the goalkeeper has also improved further. Orsolya Herr had less time to save this year, Pálinger was more in front of the goal.

Eurohandball.com: What did you learn from the Champions League season?

Csaba Konkoly: We are in a good situation because we gained more positive experience and we conserve good memories. We will be able to resort to it next year. It was very important for us to defeat Hypo as the fans have been waiting for this for three years. It was a valuable victory. Our CL experience helped us also in the Hungarian league. This season has given us positive feelings and we try to delete the negative ones. We have become more mature and this helped us to play better and reach more. We have also improved a lot mentally. Eduarda Amorim and Adrien Orbán will join us next season and we will see what we can achieve together.

TEXT: Ildikó Balogh (handball.hu)