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Danish national coach Jan Pytlick still believes in a Viborg success.

Few goals will decide

Danish National coach, Jan Pytlick, has tremendous experience of Danish teams playing finals of competitions. As the coach of the National team he won Olympic gold medal twice. He tells us what he expects from the second leg of the CL Final between Győr and Viborg.

Eurohandball.com: Do you think Győr won in Denmark deservedly?

Jan Pytlick: I believe so. I was disappointed with the quality of Viborg’s game. On the other hand, Győr played well without Görbicz and even after losing Kovacsics, her replacement.

Eurohandball.com: What did you think about Győr playing so well without their biggest star?

Jan Pytlick: I was surprised by them. Their defence and their goalkeeper Pálinger were also very good and they were very clever tactically. They never allowed Viborg to make counter attacks and two of their players ran back before they lost the ball. This was clever.

Eurohandball.com: Viborg players said beforehand that they prefer playing against a 6-0 defence that Győr have. What’s your take on it?

Jan Pytlick: The Viborg back players usually shoot well, but this time they were far too individualistic. They were nervous, most probably for playing at home with a lot of pressure on them to win.

Eurohandball.com: Do you think Viborg could play badly twice in a row?

Jan Pytlick: I doubt it. They will show a good performance this time. The big challange wil be handling the pressure coming from the fans. Győr are good team, but I believe Viborg are stronger. If they would play 10 times Viborg would win more games. They are always good away.

Eurohandball.com: Who will win?

Jan Pytlick: Viborg. They play better away and there’s no pressure on them this time. They also showed a great performance in Valcea and won by six. They have big experience in these away games, so they have a good chance to win.

Eurohandball.com: And what will be the difference?

Jan Pytlick: It will be an equal game and only 2-3 goals will decide. It will be exciting.

TEXT: Ildiko Balogh