“Győr are mature for the CL trophy”Article
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Former women's national coach Lajos Mocsai talks to Eurohandball.com before the 2nd leg of the Final in Veszprem.

“Győr are mature for the CL trophy”

Lajos Mocsai, current coach of men’s CL team MKB Veszprém, has already lived the miracle of a European Champions’ Cup (former CL) title with the women’s team of Vasas. It happened 27 years ago and now the team of Csaba Konkoly Csaba are preparing for the same achievement. Eurohandball.com talks to Mocsai at the venue of the Final, Veszprém.

Eurohandball.com: You were busy enough. How much did you follow the season of Győr?

Lajos Mocsai: Anyone involved in handball keeps an eye on the national and in particular on the Champions League games. We have been watching how things work out well for the girls and we have seen that Győr have a chance to win the CL after 10 years without a Hungarian success.

Eurohandball.com: Why do you think Győr deserved the CL Final?

Mocsai: The defence of the team – starting with the goalkeeper – is very well organised and aggressive. The mentality of the team and their ability to perform well under pressure are optimal basis for achieving good away results. It’s a nice feeling that Győr are fighting for the victory in the strongest competition.

Eurohandball.com: Vasas won the top club competition in 1982 with your coaching and Dunaferr won in 1999 from Hungary. How do you think the value of the trophy has changed ever since?

Mocsai: There were 17 years in between the two victories and another 10 years have flown by since the last one.

The final victory always depends on the concentration of the team. The quality of the roster and the injured players in the critical periods is also decisive. In this case we have two stars missing, Görbicz and Popovic.

When we won the Champions’ Cup in 1982, we met Spartak Kiev in the semi-final. They had many successes before and a number of Olympic winner and World Champion player from the Soviet team. That was a great result, obviously, to knock them out. Them we met Radnicki Beograd in the Final.

I believe that the game is going through continual development and the players need to have always better qualities and tactical solutions. The dynamism of the game and the speed has improved as well. All in all I believe that every year the most important is the title that a team can win and no one will ever investigate what the level of difficulty was…

I’m convinced that Győr are mature for the CL trophy. They have been preparing for it and I hope they will not miss their chance.

Eurohandball.com: The first leg saw a surprise victory of Győr. What do you expect on Saturday?

Mocsai: Six thousand fans and a splendid atmosphere will be waiting for the teams in Veszprém. The fans of Győr together with those of Veszprém will create an atmosphere unusual for women’s teams and for the Northern sides as well. I really believe that this is a chance for the girls to overcome their own limits and take the final victory.

TEXT: Ildiko Balogh