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Former CL winner Rikke Skov knows what Viborg need to win in Hungary.

More determination needed

One of the most experienced players of Viborg HK is Rikke Skov. The 28-year old backcourt plays her third CL final. After losing on aggregate to Krim Ljubljana in 2001, she was also part of the Viborg team that won in 2006.

Having a lot of experience in the Viborg team as well as in the Danish national team, she knows well that nothing is decided in international top handball before the final whistle.

Skov has been in difficult situations What was the first leg for you like?

Rikke Skov: It was quite hectic and also rather frustrating all the way as we never really got things under control. We did not manage to open up in our attacking game and when we finally did it, we missed our opportunities against Pálinger. So all in all, it was a rather tough match. You probably knew Pánger in advance, but what was the reason your attacking game was never really working?

Rikke Skov: Difficult to say, but I believe that we will need at least 20-30% more determination and aggression in attack as well as in defence in order to win the second leg. Can you take anything positive with you from the first leg?

Rikke Skov: Yes, I still think we showed many good things. We had many fine scoring opportunities and even though we missed many of them, we should value that we got through the Győr defence many times. Our defence also worked well for much of the game. I think that the feeling we have right now – the strong wish for revenge – is the feeling we should carry with us to Hungary. That should also be the way to start the match as this is going to lead us to victory. But can you improve enough to win on aggregate?

Rikke Skov: I believe we can. I hope that this “knife on our throat” can motivate us even more and force us to play our best game ever. It’s a bit like being down by two goals after the first half and I still believe we can catch up with that.

TEXT: Peter Bruun