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Viborg's Hungarian player, Mónika Kovacsicz, talks about the CL Final against her former team Győr.

Sympathy for Görbicz

The Hungarian player of Viborg HK, Mónika Kovacsicz, is looking forward to a very special Final. She will meet Győri ETO, the team where she has become an established player and where she had so much success. How do you feel in Viborg and Denmark?

Kovacsicz determined to win against her former sideMónika Kovacsicz: It’s been a great period. I have won the Danish Cup title already in my first season and now I have a chance to win the Danish League and the Champions League with my team. I can say that everything has gone according to my most beautiful dreams. But how much do you play?

Mónika Kovacsicz: At the league games we split the time with Varzaru and she plays more at the international games. She deserves it because she has been playing in good form. We have played a huge number of matches, so we both had the chance to prove. Are you tired by the end of the season?

Mónika Kovacsicz: Though we are nearing the end, I’m not so tired as I spent less time on court as back in the Hungarian league. This is good, because there are about 6-7 important games to play including finals in Denmark and in the CL and of course national team games. Were you confident in reaching the CL Final?

Mónika Kovacsicz: It is always the objective of Viborg and it was even more important after the failure of last season. I’m glad we solved this difficult task. Is it easier or more difficult for you to play for the biggest success of your career exactly against Győr? How do you feel about it?

"It would be easier to digest..."Mónika Kovacsicz: I try not to think about the opponent in the Final. I step on court with the victory in my mind. We are almost there to win a title every player is dreaming of. Do you know about the injury of Anita Görbicz?

Mónika Kovacsicz: I was watching the game live on the internet. I’m sorry that she cannot play the Final after such a fantastic CL season. When I was watching it I was hoping that it would not be serious, but sometimes there is no justice in life… What did your teammates say?

Mónika Kovacsicz: We had individual trainings on Wednesday, so they were asking me about it on Thursday. They could hardly believe that Győr had to play with a few days before such an important game. I can say that they were really sorry about Anita not playing in Aalborg. Her performance will be missing also for the Danish handball experts. What result do you expect in Aalborg?

Mónika Kovacsicz: I believe in our victory even against one of the best teams of Europe. However, anything can happen in sports and this makes it wonderful. A failure would be a major disappointment, but maybe easier to digest than against any other team from another country.

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