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The Viborg left winger would be satisfied with a five to six-goal advantage.

Mikkelsen excited to meet Győr

Henriette Rønde Mikkelsen has CL Final experience with Viborg. The 28-year old former Danish international, who is still playing on top level after child birth last spring, was member of the Viborg team beating Krim Ljubljana in 2006. She is ready for more.

Mikkelsen has confidence in ViborgEurohandball.com: Viborg and Hypo were supposed to have the best chances to win the CL title before the season. You fulfilled the expectations, Hypo did not. Why?

Henriette Mikkelsen: I think we had a fine continuity throughout the season. We had a good defence, effective counter attacks and also performed well in normal attack. Unfortunately Bojana Popovic was injured in the second part of the season and that made our team play a bit “messy” for a while. But I think we managed to overcome this difficulty by now and people know their role in the team.

Eurohandball.com: How did you manage to compensate for the loss of Bojana Popovic?

Henriette Mikkelsen: Of course, you cannot pull one of the world´s best players out of the team. However, I think the players who took over her responsibilities did extremely well. I think everyone gave about 10 percent more. You also have to remember that the other players are not bad either. Actually, we have many great players!

Eurohandball.com: How do you see Györ as an opponent?

Henriette Mikkelsen: I’m glad that we will meet Győr and not Hypo. I think Győr fits our team a bit better. Anything can happen in a Champions League Final and Győr are more or less identical with the Hungarian national team. In addition, they have a fantastic home support.

Eurohandball.com: Why do Győr fit better to you?

Henriette Mikkelsen: Our other possible opponent, Hypo, perform a very physical game. I don’t think that Győr are the same. I think we will be able to focus on our game and win by enough goals at home.

Eurohandball.com: What would be “enough”?

Henriette Mikkelsen: It’s hard to say. From the beginning we will simply aim to win the match. We will probably have to win by a few goals in order to have a fair chance for the second leg. On the other hand, against Valcea we won by six in Romania and made only a draw at home. So anything can happen, but it would be nice to have a five to six-goal advantage.

TEXT: Peter Bruun