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Kenneth Jensen knows both finalists well. The Ikast coach believes that we are in for two very close games in the women's Final.

Expert says: small advantage for Viborg

Kenneth Jensen knows the CL finalists very well. The coach of Danish CL team Ikast-Brande had prepared his side against Viborg on many occasions and also against Győri AUDI ETO twice in the Group phase this season. asked him about his view on the upcoming finals. What shall we expect from the two finals?

Jensen's Ikast could not beat Viborg this seasonKenneth Jensen: I’m sure we will see two fantastic and very intense matches. Also, these will be two very equal games. Thinking of the entire Champions League competition, I think these are the two best teams. Győr, in particular, have improved a lot during the tournament. Who are the favourites?

Kenneth Jensen: The way I see it, Viborg have a small upper hand. Győr play a bit faster and have a more dangerous fast-breaks. However, Viborg have a physical advantage and an advantage in defence and on the goalkeeper position. I think they will be able to stop Győr’s fast-breaks. What will decide?

Kenneth Jensen; I think the physical aspects will play an important part, and this is where I see Viborg with an advantage. They have a larger squad than Győr and that may also prove to be decisive. Will it have any significance that the second leg will be played in Hungary?

Kenneth Jensen: I don’t think so as we have seen during this Champions League tournament that playing at home or away does not really matter much for these two sides. For instance, Viborg won the first leg of their semi-final in Valcea by six goals, but only drew at home. We have also seen Győr with fine performances away.

I believe nothing will be decided after the first leg. Even if Győr win by a couple of goals in Aalborg, things would not be decided until a week later in Veszprém.

TEXT: Peter Bruun