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Grit Jurack talks to about the preparations for the Final against Győr.

Watching the videos

One of the most experienced Viborg players is Grit Jurack. The 31-year old left-handed backcourt player has 285 internationals caps for Germany and she has been playing for Viborg since 2006. She is satisfied with the preparations for the finals so far.

50-50 chances, Jurack saysGrit Jurack: We had fine trainings before the finals and we will spend the last week before the first leg with fine-tuning our defence and our attack. We will watch videos of Győr games in order to be absolutely sure what they do during the match. I trust our coaches; they will find the best solutions for us What do you think about the chances?

Grit Jurack: I guess they are 50-50. Győr played a really fine Champions League season, just like we did. Of course, we are still missing Bojana Popovic, but I really think we were doing very well also after her injury. You might say that it is a disadvantage that we are playing the first leg at home, but I hope that we will anyway win at the end. Most experts thought that Hypo would be your opponents in the final. Is it better of worse to meet Győr?

Grit Jurack: It is hard to say because we have not played against Győr yet. We will have to watch their video and than I hope we will find the right solutions against them. I think that it might be an advantage for us that Györ have a 6:0 defence as we usually play better against this formation than against a kind of 5:1 implemented by Hypo.

TEXT: Peter Bruun