“The two best teams in the world”Article
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Viborg coach Vestergaard talks about the CL Final coming up against Győr.

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“The two best teams in the world”

Viborg coach Jakob Vestergaard has no doubt that the two best teams in the world will meet in the EHF Champions League Finals.

Popovic will be missing, but Viborg will not surrenderBefore qualifying for their fourth Champions League final, Vestergaard´s team had to balance on the edge of failure after losing a six-goal lead against C. S. Otchim Valcea.

After securing a ticket to the Final, Vestergaard admitted for Eurohandball.com he had feared what happened in the second semi-final leg.

“We knew already before the first match that we were going to meet a real top team. Before the second match we knew that it might be difficult to play on the level of the first leg once again. We were prepared to be under pressure, but I have to admit that it took too long for us to get back on track,” Vestergaard said

Eurohandball.com: Was the tension too high for your players?

Jakob Vestergaard: That was part of it. Another part was Dinu who showed a fantastic performance in the Valcea goal. They made changes in their defence we were forced to move our attacking play towards the middle.

Eurohandball.com: What is your comment on Győr?

Jakob Vestergaard: Obviously, these are the two best women’s teams in the world right now and we will meet in the finals. Győr won their preliminary group as well as their main round group – just as we did –, but I think they improved a lot during this tournament.

The way they defeated Hypo was an awesome demonstration of power. I must say that players such as Görbicz and Pálinger have reached their top level at exactly the right time from Győr’s point of view. We are, of course still without Bojana Popovic, but we are definitely not going to surrender.

Eurohandball.com: Who will be the favourites?

Jakob Vestergaard: I think it will be two extremely open and equal matches. The daily form of the teams will decide.

Eurohandball.com: Can you surprise Győr with anything?

Jakob Vestergaard: We will be looking for new tactical elements, but both teams have played so many matches this season that neither team is likely to surprise the other. The better team on the given match days will win.

Eurohandball.com: What does it mean for you to start at home?

Jakob Vestergaard: Apart from the fact that it is probably always an advantage to finish at home, it is always great to finish a final tie in front of your own fans. But we really do not think about things we cannot do anything about. We focus on things we can influence.

TEXT: Peter Bruun