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The Romanian goalkeeper explains why Valcea played so well in Denmark.

“Hutupan, Hutupan!”

Some of the fans in Viborg Stadionhal did not clearly understand whom did the 70 Romanian fans celebrate by cheering “Hutupan, Hutupan!”. The goalkeeper of Olchim is Luminita Dinu, who made 21 saves including the very first 7-m shot of Viborg…

Favourite of the fansAs we can still remember, Hutupan used to be the name of Luminita Dinu before she got married and the fans still call her this way.

Hutupan – or Dinu – has done many wonders for the Romanian national team as well as for her clubs during her long and glorious career. She was close to help Valcea to another miracle in Denmark.

At the end of the game, she talked to Eurohandball.com – with the kind interpretation of Viborg’s Romanian player, Cristina Varzaru:

“We knew in advance that it would be extremely difficult to win by seven goals in Denmark after losing by six at home. I think we made a fine performance and that we can be satisfied. I can only congratulate Viborg for reaching the Champions League Final. They were the better team at the two matches and they deserve playing for the trophy,” Dinu said.

The Valcea players seemed quite relaxed and smiling as they stepped on court. Coach Radu Voina also smiled with the players.

“We did not really believe we could win on aggregate and this made it possible to be relaxed. We played without pressure and this was probably the reason we did so well,” Luminita Dinu explained. Peter Bruun

TEXT: Peter Bruun