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For the first time in the history of the club, Győr will play for the trophy.

Győr reach the Final

Győri ETO hosted Hypo for the second leg of the semi-final after a one goal Austrian success a week before. Győr replied with an eight-goal victory on Sunday afternoon and will meet Viborg in the first ever CL Final in the history of the club.

The 13 goals of Görbicz were crucial for GyőrHypo NÖ arrived to the venue of the game one day earlier in order to prepare for the 270th European cup match of the club. The record of the club was 195 victories, 8 draws and 66 defeats so far. Győr could only hope that the nice anniversary would not be celebrated with the 196th all-time victory.

Right from the beginning of the game, playmaker Görbicz proved to be true leader of the Hungarian team. Nevertheless, the first minutes were quite hectic 3-3 with no effective defending on either side.

Pálinger started the game in good form and the 5-3 Hypo lead was mainly due to the mistakes at this early stage of the game. Vérten also missed a clear chance, but luckily for her Mravíková helped her out from the rebound.

The defences were tough and it was also noticed by the referees who gave the second two-minute penalty for Tomori at 5-5. Coach Konkoly had to reorganise the defence and sent in Rotis-Nagy to replace her.

Nascimento and Kim paid special attention to Görbicz and Vérten in defence. Nevertheless, the hosts took the lead after 7-7 and Hypo had to play the catch up game…

There was plenty of excitement for the last minutes of the first half. Pálinger saved the seven-meter shot of Acimovic and then saved the rebound as well. Piedade also made a mistake and these failed attempts gave Győr a 12-9 lead by half-time.

Győr dominate

Görbicz and Pálinger started fantastically after the break, Győr increased the difference and the Austrians were unable to get past the Győr goalkeeper.

A young talent, Anikó Kovacsics, also contributed to the performance of the hosts with goals and Győr took a more comfortable, five goal lead. At this point, however, Spiridon made a foul against Acimovic and it was a direct red card from the German couple.

The hosts, supported by a packed house, did not collapse. Another player from the second string, Anita Herr, was successful from long range and also from the 7-m line, and also Acimovic received a red card – for her third suspension.

Towards the end of the game, only the difference was the question. Herr and Kovacsics scored the last goals Győr and the game ended 29-21. Görbicz scored 13 and she was key figure in the semi-final triumph.

After two unsuccessful semi-finals in the last two seasons, Győr are waiting for Viborg in the Final now with the first leg of the Final to be played in Viborg.

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