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Győr coach Csaba Konkoly knows that there are no unbeatable teams in handball.

Emphasis on defence

Győri ETO will visit their closest neighbours in the Champions League, Hypo Niederösterreich. The Hungarians have qualified for the semi-finals in the last two seasons, but failed to make it to the final on both occasions. Coach Csaba Konkoly talks about the game coming up on Sunday.

"Business as usual"Eurohandball.com: This game against Hypo will be the most important and biggest task of the season so far. Do you see special tension on the players?

Csaba Konkoly: We have lived many big battles before, but obviously this could be a turning point in our lives. We could reach the final, which is our primary objective as this would mean reaching a new height with the team.

However, I did not notice any special excitement on the girls, which is not a problem. They are professionals and it is normal that they are not panicking.

Eurohandball.com: How do you prepare for the game?

Csaba Konkoly: We have been training hard during the week. We started with two trainings a day and then with only one. We have also seen videos of Hypo, so it is business as usual.

Eurohandball.com: Everyone is fit for the game?

Csaba Konkoly: Szabina Mayer is injured, but all other players are ready for it.

Eurohandball.com: Are there special tactics against Hypo that would make it possible for you to beat them?

Győr will pay special attention to NascimentoCsaba Konkoly: Every team is beatable. There is no such as unbeatable, only in the fairy tales. This is also valid for us…

If we prepare for the game as we always did before, than we can be successful. We have to carry out our usual tactics successfully and implement a couple of new things in attack.

However, I’m sure that defence will be decisive at the end. The question is how effective we can be against Oh, the backcourt players Tóth, Acimovic and Myong. Defending on the wing will also be fundamental against Nascimento, who is one of the best right wingers in the world.

Eurohandball.com: What do you expect then?

Csaba Konkoly: We have to play in a way and reach a result that would give us the chance to decide the qualification to the Final on the second game.

TEXT: Ildikó Balogh (handball.hu)