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The German national player of Viborg has become a key player for her team. Anja Althaus talks about the semi-finals against Valcea.

Leading role for Althaus 

After injury problems in her first season with Viborg HK, line player Anja Althaus got her career going this season. The 26-year old German international, who joined Viborg from Bundesliga club Trier in the summer of 2007, has become an important player of the Danish champions. Althaus is key player in defence as well as in attack and she may be vital for her team against Valcea. Eurohandball.com talks to Althaus.

Eurohandball.com: You are playing your second season for Viborg. How do you like it there?

Valuable defence playerAnja Althaus: I feel very great now. In the first season I was injured, in addition I arrived without speaking or understanding Danish. Now I feel that I settled in with the team and with the club, and I love life here.

Eurohandball.com: You play for a team where you always have to meet big expectations. Many experts believe that Viborg will win the CL…

Anja Althaus (laughing a bit): Well, we will simply have to wait and see. However, I think we have a really good chance and I would like to win the competition for Viborg. It is a big task, of course, but we are working hard for it.

Eurohandball.com: Oltchim Valcea are coming up now, who have quite a “frightening” home court.

Anja Althaus: It will be very difficult, but it is good for us to have a whole week without other matches, so we will have time to prepare. We are definitely not afraid and if we have a good day, I’m sure we can get a really good result.

Eurohandball.com: What would be a good result?

Anja Althaus: It’s difficult to say beforehand; it also depends on the match itself, but I’m sure that we will manage a promising result for an aggregate victory. We will play the second leg at home and a lot of fans will support us.

TEXT: Peter Bruun