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Löwen's symbolic figure, Uwe Gensheimer, talks exclusively to about the semi-finals and about his plans for the future.

Gensheimer: "Great chance"

The hall is shouting “Uwe” when he enters the court, as Uwe Gensheimer is the player to identify with for the Rhein Neckar Löwen fans. The young German international comes from the Mannheim area and he has been playing for the club since 2003. Since his younger days, he is the favourite of the spectators. In an interview with, the 22-year old Gensheimer talks about the chances of his club in the CL quarterfinal at their first ever Champions League season. Your team lost the first match in Chekhov only by 31:33. Is the way to the semi-finals already paved?

Strong backcourt of MedvediGesnheimer: I think we have very good chances to go on to the semi-final. If you lose a hard away match with a difference of only two goals – knowing how strong they are at home – we can be optimistic. But when you look at the first match, we already had our chances to win in Russia. We played very weakly before the break, but then we improved, equalised and were close to a victory. But with this difference of two goals we can sleep well until Sunday. Two goals can also make you feel that you’re already through. Is there a certain danger in this result?

Gensheimer: I don’t think so. We know what we’re able to make it and we will give all we have. And we showed good performances on home court against teams such as Zagreb, Chambery or Celje. We know that we have the great chance to reach the semi-final of the Champions League and we want to reach this objective. What do you have to focus on against Chekhov?

Gensheimer: They have very powerful backcourt players and their strength is their long prepared attacks. You have to concentrate all the time. In addition, they have fast wing players for counter attacks. We have to pay attention to our attack. We must not lose the ball too often like we did in the beginning of the match in Chekhov. But we’re well prepared from their tactics. Last season, your club reached the Final of the Cup Winners’ Cup. Can you compare this success with a possible CL semi-final?

Will they celebrate again?Gensheimer: No, you can’t compare these competitions. We are playing in the Champions League for the first time ever – and this is the most important competition for clubs. And we can make it to the best four teams in the world. Rhein Neckar Löwen are still standing in three competitions: Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League. In the Bundesliga you’re currently ranked fifth. Will you be able to reach the Champions League again?

Gensheimer: Yes, I hope so. Hamburg are three points ahead of us, but we have the home match against them. So we have a good chance to qualify again. But we don’t think about this until Sunday, as we concentrate completely on the match against Chekhov. You just extended your contract until 2012 despite very strong rivals on the wing position. What were your reasons?

Gensheimer: First of all, I had more time on the court since November and I think I deserve this with my performance. Secondly, I have a special relationship with this club. I experienced all ups and downs – including relegating from the second league. In the last few years, the progress of Löwen has become faster. And now I want to be a part of this process. We want to become a club on international top level.

TEXT: Björn Pazen