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An optimistic Portland President, Miguel Galarraga, talks about the future of the club.

Portland will stay on top

Miguel Galarraga, President of Portland San Antonio, talks to Eurohandball.com about the future of his club. He comments on the decision of Jakobsen, the rumours about the future team and the objectives for next season… The team of Pamplona are living an interesting period of their history.

"If you stay, I stay"Eurohandball.com: Claus Jakobsen announced that he will play for Skjern next season. He still has contract with San Antonio for next season. Did you agree with him?

Miguel Galarraga: The club will not talk about the next season until June. However, Claus talked to the press about his situation and he explained it perfectly. He shared his personal and family considerations with us and we understand him. Claus cannot be substituted as a person, but in modern handball nobody is indispensable. This was an important decision for him and for us too.

Eurohandball.com: Are you going to ask for a transfer fee?

Miguel Galarraga: The time of great amounts of transfer fees is over. The future is not down this road.

Eurohandball.com: There are rumours about similar considerations of players such as Lars Jorgensen and Daniel Saric.

Miguel Galarraga: A lot of people are talking about the future of some of our players. I head that Lars would leave us or Saric, but I have to deny these allegations. San Antonio will have a competitive team next season. We are looking for a new sponsor, but we are sure to have a team next season that will be among the five best teams of Spain.

The fans don't need to worryEurohandball.com: What are your plans for this difficult economic situation?

Miguel Galarraga: We talked to the players and communicated that things are going to change. We may have to explain players that the salaries have to be reduced for next season. It is a difficult situation for us, but not only for us. The crisis affects every club. Handball is not an island in the middle of global difficulties.

Eurohandball.com: Can San Antonio fans be sure about the future of the club?

Miguel Galarraga: Of course they can. We will try to avoid the destiny of Teka or Bidasoa. I’m sure that our projects will survive until the economic situation will improve. San Antonio will be a competitive team next season.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni