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Five goals are not impossible to level, says Veszprém's Ferenc Ilyés before the second leg against Ciudad Real.

Veszprém have reserves

Hungarian MKB Veszprém may not be the biggest favourites for the trophy, but they are definitely one of those teams dangerous for anyone. Their impressive performance in the Main Round and a strong resistance in Ciudad Real confirmed it. The Hungarians are confident that it will not be the end of the road for them.

Left back and a very important defence player, Ferenc Ilyés, talks to before the second leg of the quarterfinals.

Will Ilyés celebrate at the end? What did you expect from the season before its beginning and what do you expect now that you reached this far?

Ferenc Ilyés: The original objective was to qualify from the group stage. Reaching the quarterfinals and having a place among the best eight teams was a big achievement, but we still have reserves. What kind of reserves do you have? You should level a five-goal difference…

Ferenc Ilyés: Yes, and I know that we did not play in very good form in Spain. We will have to improve in attack, for sure. If we can be even more solid in defence, we will have a chance.

In Ciudad Real we were able to equalise after being a few goals down on three occasions, and I hope our team play will be more precise at home.

It would have been much better to stay within 2-3 goals, but it was a five-goal defeat at the end. Nevertheless, I believe we can make it. Beating Ciudad Real would promote you favourites for the trophy…

Ciudad have a five-goal leadFerenc Ilyés: I think that if we could beat Ciudad Real, the title holder and really the best team in the world, than it would give us a big push. How did you prepare for the game? The league match during the week was not exactly the same level…

Ferenc Ilyés: We did not even prepare for that game, only for Ciudad Real. We are watching videos and practicing the tactics, focusing on this game only. You will leave the club at the end of the season and move to German Lemgo. Your sister, Annamária, also plays in the neighbourhood.

Ferenc Ilyés: I’m 27 now and I received a good offer from Lemgo, so it was the best time to accept it. These days I don’t meet my sister too often. She plays for Blomberg, just 20 kilometres away from Lemgo, so it will be also a good chance to reunite the family.

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