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Vitaly Ivanov and Alexey Rastvortsev talk to Eurohandball.com before the quarterfinals against Rhein-Neckar Löwen.

We will fight until the end!

Chechovskie Medvedi will play the first leg of the quarterfinals against Rhein-Neckar Löwen on Wednesday. The Russians will give all they can for a place in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Eurohandball.com talks to Vitali Ivanov and Alexei Rastvortsev before the game.

Ivanov has confidence in the teamEurohandball.com: How much chance do you think you have to reach the semi-finals?

Vitali Ivanov: Chances are 50:50. Both are strong teams with different types of players. Even if the teams have not met in an official game yet, the players know each other very well. In both clubs there are practically only national players.

Alexei Rastvortsev: I agree. No doubt about it, we got a good opponent. However, we also have a good team and we must not be afraid.

Eurohandball.com: What will be your objective at the first game at home in Chechov?

Vitali Ivanov: We will have to reach a result at home that will give us the chance for the semi-final.

Alexei Rastvortsev: We expect to win and we will give everything fort his until the final whistle. We must not make too many technical mistakes.

Eurohandball.com: Most of the players have been part of the team for years now. What is special about Medvedi?

Rastvortsev is a leader of ChechovskieVitali Ivanov: 85% of our team is also member of the Russian national team. This shows that we are the best team in Russia. Our club did not buy established players from abroad, but young and good players give the team. Only one or two player leaves the club every year, because there are conditions in Chechov that you don’t have anywhere else in Russia.

Alexei Rastvortsev: The club managers do the utmost here to provide good background for us. It is an honour to step on court for this club. Only the best players of our club can play here.

Eurohandball.com: Could you imagine leaving the club one day?

Alexei Rastvortsev: My contract is valid until 2011; I would not rule out a change after that. Anything could be possible after that -even that I finish my career.

TEXT: Jan Kirschner