Krim focuses on talentsArticle
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Krim manager, Deja Ivanovic, talks about the new policies of the club.

Krim focuses on talents

The Slovenian champions will say goodbye to this year’s CL in Podgorica this weekend. After great results this season, the director of Krim Mercator, Deja Ivanović, is already looking into the future announcing new policies in signing players.

Concerning recent rumours, Deja Ivanović said:

“Krim Mercator started negotiations with new players already in September, but I still can't say more than that. When the new players will be signed, the club will inform the media.”

It is also certain that Krim will start the new season with a modified budget:

“We are still negotiating with our sponsors. The financial situation changes every month, so it is difficult to say how much we will need to cut our budget for next season. I believe that we will know much more by the end of March. Anyway, it is certain that next season we will have to decrease our budget.”

It is sure, however, that there will be changes.

“I must say that we have changed the policy regarding the signing of new players. Krim’s goal has always been to buy top quality players. Now we want young and talented ones who have good perspective for the future,” said Ivanović.

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