Bitter farewell for PortlandArticle
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The Spanish team fell just one step away from the quarterfinals. The coach and president are equally disappointed.

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Bitter farewell for Portland

Portland were just one step away from reaching the quarterfinal, but they made a mistake at the doorstep. Only one point in Denmark would have been enough for the former CL winners, but they failed.

Chechu Villaldea, the coach, and president Miguel Galarraga are really disappointed with the outcome of the main round group.

The fans stood by the teamGalarraga was not able to explain the defeat in Denmark, so he talked about the consequences for the club:

“It is a hard shock for the club. It is a bad situation for the team and also a financial blow for the club. Such problem comes in a very bad time of crisis.”

Portland President has confidence in a good Spanish Cup result:

“I hope that the team will show that it was only a bad day for them. The problem is that we had a bad day in the worst moment. In the Spanish Cup they will have to show their best face for us. This team has pride and also quality”.

Coach Villaldea echoes his sentiments:

“We did not expect anything similar to this defeat. It is a hard blow for the team and for me. We should have stepped on court with a different mentality. We must recover and face the next task, the Spanish Cup. We have to try to beat Valladolid now”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni