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The last round of the Men’s CL is coming up: time to analyse the chances in the groups.

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Mathematics time!

The last round of the Men’s EHF Champions League is coming up this weekend, so it is high time to look through all the groups and see what the chances of the teams are.

Group 1

Hamburg can already celebrateHSV Hamburg will finish on top of their group after beating Medvedi on Wednesday night.

The only open question is whether Portland or Chekhovskie Medvedi will qualify on second place.

Simple case: Portland need to make at least a draw away to FCK to qualify. If they lose, the Russians can celebrate.

Group 2

This is the equation with the most unknowns. Currently, Chambery have 8 points, Rhein Neckar Löwen and Zagreb 6; Celje are out of race with 0 point. Let’s take the cases one by one.

a) If Zagreb and Löwen win, all three teams will have 8 points. If we take the small table (with results of the teams involved), all three teams will have four points there. Currently Zagreb have a goal difference of +2, Chambery 0, Löwen -2.

If Löwen beat Chambery (even if by 1 goal), the French will finish third in the group.

If Löwen win by 1, 2 or 3 goals, they will finish second and Zagreb will win the group.

If Löwen win by 4 goals, we have to check the total goal difference of the group table. If Löwen score 37 or less goals, they finish second; if the Germans score 38 or more goals, they finish first.

If Löwen win by five goals or more, they win the group.

b) However, it is also possible that both Zagreb and Löwen make a draw. Chambery would win the group in this case and Löwen would finish second with a better overall goal difference over Zagreb.

c) If Zagreb and Löwen both lose, we have to check the overall goal difference of these two teams from all matches.

d) Obviously, if Chambery and Zagreb win, the French will be first, the Croats second.

Group 3

Can Flensburg catch Veszprém?Only the first and second position will be decided this weekend. If Veszprém make a draw at least at home against Montpellier, they will win the group.

If they lose and Flensburg win, the Germans will finish on top.

Group 4

Once again, only the first position is open. If Ciudad beat Kiel by at least 8 goals, they win the group. If the Spanish win only by 7, Kiel will finish first.