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Hypo's Sabine Englert played on the court of her future team, Ikast, and picked up an injury. She talks about it.

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First impressions

Hypo goalkeeper Sabine Englert was unlucky at her first meeting with her future team, Ikast-Brande.

The 27-year German international will leave Hypo for Ikast-Brande at the end of the season, but she was unlucky on Saturday as she visited Ikast.

Englert went for the ball and twisted her kneeEnglert spent only quarter of an hour on the court and she made five saves already. As she wanted to pick up a ball she twisted her right knee. Though she stayed on court and made one more save, she was unable to continue.

Englert was watching a good performance by reserve goalie Petra Blazek from the bench and the victory of the team. She talked to

Sabine Englert: It wasn’t such a bad injury, so I only need short break and I’m sure I will be back soon – maybe not in our next Champions League match, but then in the next one after that! What do you think about the chances in the Champions League?

Sabine Englert: I’m optimistic. Right now, I’m really looking forward to the semi-finals and then we will have to see what we can do there. What was it like for you to play on the court of your future team?

Sabine Englert: I was looking forward to it. I’m only sorry that I spent such a short time on court. I expected some more fans (1,768 spectators, ed.) but in general it was really nice to be there. Now that you are playing your last season for Hypo, it will be just even more important to get a trophy…

Sabine Englert: Oh yes, definitely! It was a huge disappointment to lose the final last year and I’m determined to make up for it this year. These are the things you play handball for. Which will be the biggest rival?

Sabine Englert: Viborg, no doubt about it.

TEXT: Peter Bruun