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The new Valcea coach, Radu Voina, talks about his team after two weeks in charge.

Voina: A team must talk on the court…

Eurohandball.com talks to the newly appointed coach of Oltchim Valcea about his first impressions of the Romanian team and about the upcoming Krim match.

Eurohandball.com: You started well by winning against Krim and Győr. What do you think about your team just two weeks after your appointment?

Valcea talks on the courtRadu Voina: The team's attitude changed after I joined the club. I think the
girls now fight more, regardless the result or the time left. Now the most important is that every match we have to concentrate on our play. Only thing that we think about is the next match and our desire to win.

Eurohandball.com: You will visit Ljubljana. If Oltchim win you will make a big step towards the semi-finals. What will decide?

Radu Voina: We treat the game in Ljubljana as any other game. This means that we want to win. We don't care who will qualify from the group, all we care about is our game. We have to improve with every match.

We have a very busy schedule: on Wednesday we played in Braila and after that we travel to Ljubljana. We wish to show once again that our team are able to win tough matches.

Eurohandball.com: Krim were defeated at home by Győr and Budućnost have big problems with injured players. Many people see Oltchim and Győr as favourites for winning the group?

Radu Voina: We don't care much what others think about us. The qualification
will be reached on court. If others consider us favourites, it means that the team deserves it.

Of course we will be very happy if we reach the semi-finals. It is the objective of the club for this season. But until then, the team must "talk" on the court and to prove there that we deserve to play in the semi-finals.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros