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Life goes slowly on after the tragedy of the Veszprém handballers. Read about a fundraising initiative and about the award of Uros Vilovski.

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Memorial for Cozma

As it is always the case after a tragic event, life goes on. Needless to say, the life of the family of Marian Cozma, the life of his friends, the players of Veszprém will never be the same again.

Those who knew the talented handball player, Marian Cozma, will never forget him. And they have no intention to do so.

Based on the initiative of the Veszprém KC Fan Club, fundraising has been launched in order to erect a memorial to the late Marian Cozma. The city of Veszprém, the sports hall Veszprém Aréna and many people have already stepped forward to support this cause.

The coach of the Veszprém team, Lajos Mocsai, volunteered to be the patron of the initiative.

The objective is to finish and inaugurate the memorial on the one year anniversary of the tragedy or possible on the birthday of the player, which will be in September.

The form of the actual memorial will depend on the amount of the support coming in.

You can find more information on this initiative by visiting the website of Veszprém Handball Fan Club.

Award for Vilovski

Vilovski did everything he could that nightIn the meantime, the young Serbian player of Veszprém, Uros Vilovski, received an award for his courage and for saving the life of goalkeeper Pesic during the aggression against the handballers.

According to eye witnesses, Vilovski first held back the gang from attacking in even greater number by blocking their way. He made it possible for people to try to save the lives of his injured team mates.

After that Vilovski attracted the attention of the criminals and lead them away from the scene of the devastation. At the end, he returned to the scene to offer his help. It was Vilovski who stopped the bleeding of Pesic and carried the young goalkeeper to the hospital – just in time.

For his heroic deed, Vilovski received an award from the Mayor of Veszprém and a country has learnt his name.